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What is it?

Behaviour Counts is a fun and engaging series that has been designed to help young children understand and manage their emotions whilst also learning to read. Each book has carefully explained notes to parents and teachers to help them discuss the stories and further explore the text.

The set includes 20 titles at a price of £19.99 (99p only per book) compared to the original RRP price of £119.80 (£5.99 per book)!

Teaching kids behaviour at a young age is
extremely important. This low-cost
behaviour book collection set makes a
great Christmas gift for young kids.

Childrens mental health is usually not a very common topic and this set helps them open up and address how they are feeling.

The topics include:

-Being Lazy - Being Rude - Making Good Choices -Lying -Managing their Temper -Being Impatient -Not Listening -Anxiety -No Confidence -Being Selfish -Disappointment -Being Messy -Giving Up -Being Fearful -Jealousy -Hyperactivity -Cheating -Bullying -Cheating - Not Caring About Others

"My 4-year-old Grandson asked for this complete set. He absolutely loves having a book with him, and there are life lessons appropriately aimed at a younger audience"

- Jenny Smith

"As a Teacher in need of social stories, these are brilliant! Especially for story-loving, animal-obsessed children. Highly recommend!"

- Amy Peters

"These books are wonderful, my 4 and 6 year old love them. It’s very relevant for kids and gives examples of behaviours you’d see at school and nursery. It gives tips on how to cope with feelings and emotions."

- John Becker

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