Monster High Junior Novel Collection 5 Books Set TV Series

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ISBN: 9787293101218
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Perdita Finn

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Titles in this set:

Boo York, Boo York - A Monsterrific Musical
Freaky Fusion
Frights Camera Action
Great Scarrier Reef

Boo York, Boo York - A Monsterrific Musical
Living it up in Boo York is the plan for Cleo de Nile, Deuce Gorgon and their beast friends. But when Cleo's sister plans to make Cleo make a sacred promise under the light of the ancient comet crystal, a promise which will change her destiny forever, no-one knows the danger they're all in. The comet is heading straight for Boo York! It's a claw-biting adventure that no-one will forget... provided they survive.

When Spectra Vondergeist goes back to her old ghost school to find out why Monster High is being haunted, the other girls use Boogey Sand to transform into ghosts so they can follow her. There, they die-scover that spirits are low because the Principal weighs students down with ghastly rules and detention chains. It's up to the ghouls and their new ghost friends to uncover the mystery of the hauntings and the secrets of the ghost school!

Freaky Fusion
During the Bite-Centennial, the ghouls discover an old scientist's workshop and travel back two hundred years to the beginning of Monster High. But when they try to get home, they go through a vortex that fuses some of the ghouls together! With the help of the Fusions, the new monsters in school, they learn how to control their combined flaws and together face their greatest challenge . . . saving Frankie!

Frights Camera Action
When Draculaura is led to believe she's the rightful heir to the vampire throne, she and her best ghoulfriends are whisked away to Transylvania for a royal coronation to die for. But they soon discover the hunt for the queen is not over yet. The Ghouls must locate an ancient artifact known as the Vampire's Heart in order to discover the identity of the true Vampire Queen.

Great Scarrier Reef
When Lagoona Blue, her ghoulfriends, and Gill Webber try to save Toralei Stripe after she accidentally falls in the Monster High pool, they are all sucked through a vortex that turn them into fish. They have been brought there by Posea Reef, the daughter of Poseidon, who has a mission for Lagonna: dive deep and face her biggest fear. Until she succeeds, Lagoona and her friends are trapped in a magical underwater world and cannot return to Monster High. The ghouls --except for Toralei!-- think it's totally fintastic being fishified, but it's not all fun and games. There's a dangerous, scary Kraken lurking at the bottom of the sea. Will Lagoona and the ghouls sink or swim? Find out in this creeperific deep-sea adventure!

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