Tomorrow when the war began Series Collection John Marsden 6 Books Set

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AUTHOR: John Marsden

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Titles in This Set

The Other Side of Dawn
The Dead of the Night
Tomorrow When the War Began
The Night is for Hunting
Darkness, Be My Friend
Burning for Revenge


The Other Side of Dawn
The war is at a turning point. The enemy is growing weaker, and more desperate. And so is Ellie. As the conflict intensifies around her, she is captured and separated from her friends. Overwhelmed by all she has lost, Ellie wonders if she has the strength to survive the final conflict – and if she can live with the consequences of everything she has done. An action-packed adventure and an unforgettable exploration of the emotional impact of war.

The Third Day, The Frost
Ellie and her friends have achieved more than they ever thought possible as an unarmed bucnh of teen fighters. but still the war continues. Hiding back in the Hell,the gang face theinevitable question- what to do next? When Kevin returned armed with a knowledge of explosives, the answers become clear- launch an attack on the enemy stronghold of Cobbler's Bay. But in their attempt to pull it off, What will the gang have to sacrifice?

The Dead of the Night
The second sensational novel in the series that has transfixed millions of readers worldwide. Would you give up everything? Would you fight? Would you sacrifice life itself? When their country in invaded and their families are taken, eight high school teenagers band together to fight. Seventeen-year-old Ellie and her friends have survived the invasion, but Kevin is imprisoned and Corrie is alive, but in a coma. Homer and Ellie are determined to get them back and to continue their campaign against the enemy. As the pressure grows, can Ellie work out her conflicted feelings of the brilliant, arrogant Homer and the strong, gentle Lee? As war rages, and the enemy closes in, Ellie and her friends must once again fight for their lives... but how many of their band will be left? A truly involving story about the incredible challenges of warfare, amid the intensity of first love.

Tomorrow When the War Began
The first book in a million-selling series. Now a major film. The astonishing adventure begins... Seventeen-year-old Ellie Linton wants one final adventure with her friends before the school holidays are over. Packed in Ellie's parents' Land Rover, they drive to a famously beautiful camp in the hills. Returning to their home town of Wirrawee, the seven teenagers realize that something is seriously wrong. Their world has changed forever. Would you give up everything? Would you fight? Would you sacrifice life itself? Tomorrow When the War Began asks the questions you may one day have to answer.

Burning for Revenge
If only our country hadn't been invaded. If only we could have carried on the way we used to, watching other people's wars on television. Ellie and the gang are determined to keep fighting. And when they find themselves in the heartland of the enemy, they have the chance to carry out their deadliest attack yet. But terror takes its toll. Kevin's very sanity is at stake and the friendship that has kept everyone together for so long is under strain. And, amid all the turmoil, Ellie can't forget her feelings for Lee... The fifth sensational novel in the bestselling Tomorrow series.

Darkness, Be My Friend
The bestselling series continues. Their country ravaged. Their families taken. Their solution - fight. After the trauma of the invasion and the pain of their tragic losses, Ellie and her friends have finally found sanctuary. But after five months away, they are called upon to return to the fight. The gang have got used to feeling safe. They've suffered enough. And Ellie is sick with fear at the thought of returning to combat. But sometimes there's only one answer: We're going back. A sensational novel from one of the world's greatest storytellers.

The Night is for Hunting
Twelve months have passed since the invasion. Ellie has lost friends, she has taken many lives and she is still as disgusted by violence as she is determined to stand up to the invaders.Now the friends find themselves back in their sanctuary of Hell, caring for a band of feral children whose lives have been destroyed by the war. Meanwhile, the conflict intensifies and the enemy draws closer...

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