Transformers Robots In Disguise 5 Books Box Set Collection

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ISBN: 9781408356821
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: John Barber

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Titles In This set:
The Battle Of Optimus Prime
Deadly Trap
Samurai Showdown
Robots To The Rescue
Decepticon Attack


Robots to the Rescue
Led by Optimus Prime's favourite student, Bumblebee, a cool yellow supercar, the Transformer team are Sideswipe, a daredevil red sportscar, Fixit a broken repairbot, Strongarm, a keen young cadet and Grimlock, a reformed criminal dinobot.

Decepticon Attack
Sideswipe is a fun-loving autobot, but when he discovers elkbot Thunderhoof is planning a decepticon attack, things get serious! Can the transformers save the day?

Samurai Showdown
Drift is a master samurai with a mysterious past. He and his two mini-cons, Jetstorm and Slipstream, have joined the Autobots - but can they be trusted? What is the samurai's secret?

The Battle Of Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime has always been Bumblebee's mentor. But recently the two autobots can't seem to agree. Little do they know they're being tested by Liege Maximo - and he'll stop at nothing until Optimus and Bumblebee destroy each other! Will this be the end of the autobots?

Deadly Trap
Windblade has joined the Autobot heroes searching for escaped Decepticon criminals. First mission:
to climb Mount Everest on the trail of a yeti-like Decepticon, Abominus!But Abominus has booby-trapped the whole mountain, and a TV crew is in danger! Can the Autobots rescue the humans - and who will rescue them?

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