Abi Elphinstone The Unmapped Chronicles 4 Books Collection Set (Rumblestar, Jungledrop, The Crackledawn Dragon & Everdark)

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Simon & Schuster SKU: LWP11113
ISBN: 9789124369743
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Abi Elphinstone

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Titles In this Set:
Rumblestar (Volume 1) (The Unmapped Chronicles)
Jungledrop (Volume 2) (The Unmapped Chronicles)
The Crackledawn Dragon (Volume 3) (The Unmapped Chronicles)
Everdark (The Unmapped Chronicles)

Rumblestar (Volume 1) (The Unmapped Chronicles)
Adventures are unpredictable and often terribly badly behaved – a bit like pickled onions if you’ve ever tried to fork one on a plate – but they have a way of unlocking people and turning them upside down so that all the astonishing things fizzing around inside them start to tumble out… 

Jungledrop (Volume 2) (The Unmapped Chronicles)
Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more powerful than a child in possession of a plan. Eleven-year-old twins, Fox and Fibber, have been rivals for as long as they can remember. Only one of them will inherit the family fortune and so a race is afoot to save the dwindling Petty-Squabble empire and win the love of their parents.

The Crackledawn Dragon (Volume 3) (The Unmapped Chronicles)
Where the map ends, the adventure begins . . . 11-year-old Zebedee Bolt is on the run. Again. Only this time it’s not the police who find him. It’s an evil harpy called Morg. And when she hauls him into Crackledawn, an Unmapped kingdom that conjures sunlight for our world, Zeb discovers running away only gets you so far. When magic’s involved, you’ve got to pick a side.

Everdark (The Unmapped Chronicles)
Where the map ends, the adventure begins . . . It is midnight in Crackledawn – a midnight full of magic. Sea dragons stir in the depths of the ocean, silver whales surface beneath the moon and sand goblins line the shores. Everyone is waiting for the phoenix, the guardian of the kingdom’s magic, to rise up from the forests of Everdark. But there is no sign of the phoenix tonight.

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