Alan Titchmarsh 4 Books Collection Set (The Scarlet Nightingale, Bring Me Home, Mr Gandy's Grand Tour & The Gift)

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Titles In This Set:
The Scarlet Nightingale
Bring Me Home
Mr Gandy's Grand Tour
The Gift

Dive into the captivating world of gardening and horticulture with the Alan Titchmarsh 4 Books Collection. Renowned TV presenter and author Alan Titchmarsh brings his expertise to life, offering a treasure trove of insights, tips, and inspiration. Explore nature's wonders and cultivate your green thumb through these timeless guides.


The Scarlet Nightingale
It is the late 1930s when seventeen-year-old Rosamund Hanbury leaves behind the endless summers of her coastal Devonshire home for the fast pace of high society London. Under the expert guidance of her formidable aunt, the country mouse learns how to act like a lady, hosting dinner parties and rubbing shoulders with Britain's most influential. And when the enigmatic Harry Napier sweeps her off her feet at London's famous Café de Paris she could almost forget that Britain has declared war.
Bring Me Home
An involving family story with a mystery at its heart from bestselling novelist and favourite TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh.It seems a perfect afternoon in the Highlands.Standing at the door of the lochside castle that has been his family's home for generations, Charlie Stuart welcomes his guests to the annual summer drinks party. Conversation, laughter and the clinking of glasses soon fill the air as friends and neighbours come together to toast the laird's happiness and prosperity.
Mr Gandy's Grand Tour
Now, suddenly (if tragically) released from the hen-pecked tedium of his ordinary existence, he is unexpectedly free to realize his dreams.He will embark on a Grand Tour of Europe, following in the footsteps of the aristocrats of the eighteenth century.He anticipates high art, culture and pleasant weather. He never expected to encounter new friendships - and possibly even love - along the way.

The Gift

An ordinary life. An extraordinary choice.

Adam Gabriel has always been a child of nature. Raised on his parents' remote Yorkshire farm, where life is measured by the rhythms of the flock, the turn of the seasons, and the yearly arrival of an itinerant local monk, he seems destined for a quietly contented life.

As Adam grows, Luke and Bethany see flickers of something extraordinary in their son - a healing touch that goes beyond his love for the land. But Adam's gentleness has always made him an outsider, and a powerful gift can also be a heavy burden...

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