Beast Quest 6 Books (Series 8) Children Collection Box Set By Adam Blade

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ISBN: 9781408362686
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Adam Blade

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Titles in this set:

Balisk the Water Snake

Koron, Jaws of Death

Hecton the Body Snatcher

Torno the Hurricane Dragon

Kronus the Clawed Menace

Bloodboar the Buried Doom


Balisk the Water Snake:
Freya and Silver are trapped in Tavania! To rescue them Tom must find the magical Tree of Being. But Sanpao the Pirate King has summoned six evil Beasts to stop him. Can Tom survive the deadly attacks of Balisk the Water Snake?

Koron, Jaws of Death:
Tom faces his toughest Beast Quest yet - he must find the Tree of Being to rescue Freya and Silver from Tavania. But Sanpao the Pirate King controls six deadly Beasts, which seek to thwart Tom. Can our hero outwit cunning Koron?

Hecton the Body Snatcher:
Tom and his companions are faced with a new menace! Hecton the Body Snatcher is prowling the land, feeding on his victims' flesh. To rescue Freya and Silver from the land of Tavania, Tom must defeat this evil creature...

Torno the Hurricane Dragon:
A new Beast soars in the skies over Avantia! Torno the Hurricane Dragon has been summoned by Sanpao the Pirate King to stop Tom in his Quest to rescue Freya and Silver. Can Tom survive Torno's deadly hurricanes?

Kronus the Clawed Menace:
The stench of death drifts over Avantia - Sanpao the Pirate King has summoned a giant vulture-Beast to destroy Tom before he finds the Tree of Being. If Tom fails, Freya and Silver will be trapped in Tavania for ever...

Bloodboar the Buried Doom:
Sanpao the Pirate King has sent Bloodboar the Buried Doom to tear Avantia's capital city apart! Tom must destroy the Beast, find the Tree of Being and defeat Sanpao. If he fails he will never see his mother again.


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