Beast Quest Series 15 Adam blade 4 Books Collection Set, Xeric, Wardok, Quagos

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ISBN: 9787293101997
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Adam Blade

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Beast Quest Series 15 Adam blade 4 Books Collection Set, Xeric, Wardok, Quagos..

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Titles In This Set :

Quagos The Armoured Beetle

Only one of the Crown Jewels is still missing but Velmal has saved the most frightening Beast for last. Tom must retrieve the precious sceptre from the mondtrous Quagos, but will he be able to defeat his enemy?

Plexor The Raging Reptile

In a desert oasis a terrifying creature lies in wait. Plexor, a monstrous water Beast, is guarding the missing royal orb. Tom and Elenna must conquer the Beast, or all the kingdoms are doomed!

Xerik The Bone Cruncher

Tom's Quest to retrieve the missing royal treasures of Tangala leads him into greater danger. Can he defeat the fearsome Xerik, a monstrous Beast lurking in the swamps of Pania.

Wardok The Sky Terror

An old enemy seeks revenge on Avantia's heroes, and the safety of the kingdom of Tangala is also under threat. Tom must find the Crown Jewels of Tangala, or Velmal's Beasts will destroy everything!

Length - 12.9cm

Width - 3.4cm

Height - 19.8cm

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