Bond 11+ English & Maths 5 Books Set Ages 11-12+ Assessment and Tests

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Oxford University Press SKU: LWP9184
ISBN: 9789526539423
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Oxford University Press

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Titles in this set:
Bond 11+: English: Assessment Papers: 11-12+ Years
Bond 11+: Maths: Assessment Papers: 11-12+ Years
Bond 11+: Verbal Reasoning: Assessment Papers: 11-12+ Years
Bond 11+: Non-Verbal Reasoning: Assessment Papers: 11-12+ Years
Bond 11+: Maths 10 Minute Tests: 11-12+ Years


Bond is the number 1 provider of 11+ practice, helping millions of children pass selective entrance exams. Bond 10 Minute Tests for 11-12+ years provide essential bite-sized practice in core maths skills, setting strong foundations for success in SATs, common entrance or 11+ exams. This bundle of four 2015 edition books provides comprehensive practice in English, Maths, Non-verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. They have been written to cover the core National Curriculum skills and cover the question types used in 11+ exams, building the skills and confidence for exam success. Each book includes: topic-based tests and mixed tests providing essential practice of each question type; fun puzzle section that reinforces skills; a motivating progress chart; and a pull-out answers section - located in the centre of the book for easy removal.

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