Danielle Steel Collection 10 Book Set Collection (Going Home, To Love Again, The Ring, The Promise & More!)

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ISBN: 9789124206918
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Danielle Steel

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Titles In This Set:
Going Home
To Love Again
The Ring
The Promise
Summer's End
Season of Passion
Once In A Lifetime
Now And Forever
Golden Moments

Going Home:

For Gillian and Chris their happiness seemed complete. Handsome, dynamic, with a wild past behind him and a golden future ahead, Chris was everything Gillian wanted - and more.

To Love Again:
Isabella and Amadeo. The toast of international society and the undisputed leaders of Rome couture.

The Ring:
In the turbulent days of Germany in the thirties, Kassandra von Gotthard met the man who would change her life: Dolff Sterne.

The Promise:
For Michael and Nancy, the carefree days of innocence were drawing to an end, bringing the hardest test of their love for each other.

Summer's End:
Deanna believed she had everything she'd ever wanted. Diamonds, a beautiful home, a handsome, successful husband who adored her.

Season of Passion:
Kate and Tom are the original star-crossed lovers. Kate is a beautiful model; Tom a successful football star at the peak of his career.

As the stars of the screen they shared their secrets with millions. Offstage they were ordinary people with homes and dreams, lives and loves, every bit as real...

Once In A Lifetime:
To the doctors the woman in the ambulance was just another casualty - just more beautiful than most, more badly hurt, like a delicate damaged butterfly . . .

Now And Forever:
The perfect love . . .Jessica and Ian were a golden couple - young, glamorous, successful. And deeply in love.

Golden Moments:
As one of the world's richest women, beautiful Kezla Saint Martin was the pampered darling of the jet-set, her life a careless round of glamorous games.

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