Edward's Crochet Collection 2 Books Set By Kerry Lord (Imaginarium, Doll Emporium) Hardback

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Pavilion Books SKU: LWP10767
ISBN: 9789123651863
FORMAT: Hardback
AUTHOR: Kerry Lord

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Edward's Crochet Doll Emporium:
Design your own dolls with this amazing book of mix-and-match crochet patterns. Building up from the basic body, add hairstyles, hats, outfits and accessories to capture your family, friends and favourite people in crochet form. The flippable pages make it easy to follow the patterns in any combination.

Edward's Crochet Imaginarium:
Design your own crazy critters with this amazing book of mix-and-match crochet patterns. Choose the body parts that take your fancy from our extensive selection and use your favourite colours. Add stripes, spots or scales, and then turn to the sew-on extras section to select hair.

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