Gatherings Recipes For Feasts By Flora Shedden, Deluxe Hardback

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ISBN: 9781784722197
FORMAT: Hardback
AUTHOR: Flora Shedden

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Gatherings Recipes For Feasts By Flora Shedden, Deluxe Hardback ...

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A gathering is an easy way of cooking and hosting. It means no pressure, no code of conduct, and everyone - cook included - can actually enjoy themselves.

This collection is a mixture of modern dishes, staple snacks, salads and sides, interesting bakes, and puddings perfect to end a feast with. Nothing overly fussy or complicated, just tasty, pretty plates of food.

Choose from the chapters led by occasion or pick and choose from dishes such as Sloe Gin Braised Venison, Cocoa Nib Brownies and Redcurrant Pavlovas to put on a spread. There are menu ideas to show you how.

Mornings Quick & Slow | Menu idea: Autumnal brunch
Small Plates | Menu idea: Spring lunch
Food to Fling Together | Menu idea: Riverside picnic
Food to Take your Time About | Menu idea: Wandering weekends
Everything Baked | Menu idea: Summer garden party
Drinks & Other Things to Celebrate with | Menu idea: Winter party
Sweet Plates & Puds | Menu idea: Presents

Length - 19.4cm
Width - 2.9cm
Height - 25.2cm

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