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ISBN: 9789123775057
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Gloria Cook

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Title In This Set
A Stranger Light
A Whisper of Life
Never Just A Memory
Moments of Life
From A Distance
Touch The Silence


A Stranger Light
An Emotional Tale of Finding Love After War
In the aftermath of the Second World War, Faye Harvey struggles against the stigma of being a single mother. Faye is drawn to former POW Mark Fuller, but then the father of her son, a Scottish laird, offers marriage now he is a widower.Faye is torn. Meanwhile Tristan falls for the new housekeeper Susan Dowling, but their age difference and her distrust seem to make love impossible. And over at Ford Farm, Faye's cousin Lottie Harmon, begins to fear she may not want a new life with her GI husband after all...

A Whisper of Life
An Unforgettable Novel of Redemption and Acceptance
It is 1948, and the village of Hennaford is struggling to recover from the war – the Harvey family along with it. Johnny Harvey is disillusioned; injured in the war and disturbed at the changing society; life seems to be passing him by. Jill Harvey, finally pregnant after four years of marriage, befriends sixteen-year-old Kate Viant, crippled with polio and abandoned by her family. Tess, left behind by society, might just prove her worth when something threatens the life of Jill’s unborn child...

Never Just A Memory
The Moving Saga of A Family Facing War
Emilia, now happily married to Perry Bosweld and expecting his child, worries about her son Will in the RAF, while Ben Harvey is horrified when he's suddenly faced with the daughter he’d turned his back on. When Emilia and Ben hurl painful truths at each other, Ben takes it badly, and disappears as a Special Operative Executive behind enemy lines in France. As the war puts lives in danger, secrets from the past continue to overwhelm the Harveys. But, as ever, new arrivals to Cornwall and fresh passions act as unpredictable catalysts in the family's chemistry...

Moments of Life
After The Great War, Will Life Ever Be The Same?
The Great War is over, and the Harvey family of Ford Farm are slowly picking up the pieces. But Alec and Emilia's newly-wedded bliss is shattered when their third child is born with a life-threatening disease, a fate which Alec finds particularly hard to accept.Alec's relationships with his two brothers, Ben and Tristram, are strained by their differing loyalties and ambitions for the farm, and Emilia is torn reluctantly between them…

From A Distance
Passion and Tragedy Rock The Harvey family
It is 1931 and Emilia and Alec's marriage is under strain. Prone to melancholy, and injured in a storm, Alec’s misery draws him to seek solace with his brother's new wife. But when Perry Bosweld, a disabled army surgeon, re-enters Emilia's life, she finds that she is still attracted to him. Emilia's first duty is to her husband and to the farm, and she will not allow herself to swerve from this path…

Touch The Silence
An Unforgettable Wartime Family Saga
1917. Conflict casts its shadow over the Harvey family of Ford Farm, Cornwall. One brother has already been killed, and Tristan now serves at the Front. Though newly engaged to pretty Emilia Rowse, younger brother Ben is desperate to fight. But an eye injury causes him to be declared unfit. Tensions mount as he is forced to remain on the farm with his elder brother Alec, a man with closely guarded secrets of his own....

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