Jane Austen: The Complete 7 Books Hardcover Books Boxed Set (Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Sanditon and Other Tales, Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility & Mansfield)

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ISBN: 9781804453230
FORMAT: Hardback
AUTHOR: Jane Austen

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Titles In this Set:
Pride and Prejudice
Sanditon and Other Tales
Northanger Abbey
Sense and Sensibility
Mansfield Park

Set in the fictitious village of Highbury, Jane Austen's Emma is the story of a clever, albeit spoilt, woman — Emma Woodhouse, who lives with her father. Emma is not an instantly likeable girl; at first glance, She seems rather selfish and arrogant.

Pride and Prejudice:
One of Jane Austen's most iconic works, Pride and Prejudice chronicles the lives of the Bennet sisters in Regency England -Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine and Lydia.

Jane Austen's final finished novel, Persuasion tells the story of two people — Anne Elliot and Navy Captain Frederick Wentworth — who were once betrothed and in love but parted ways under unfortunate circumstances.

Sanditon and Other Tales:
Sanditon was written in the last months of Austen's life and was left unfinished at the time of her death in 1817. Set in a seaside town, it is an amusing tale of hypochondriacs, mixed in with family drama and a whiff of romance.

Northanger Abbey:
Published posthumously Northanger Abbey is, in fact, Jane Austen's first novel. The shortest of her works, it is also the wittiest a light-hearted satire of Gothic novels, Which- were quite the rage at the time.

Sense and Sensibility:
Sense and Sensibility is the Story of two sisters - Elinore and Marianne. Each sister embodies a unique set of traits: Elinore is sense, discrete and of sound judgement; while Marianne is sensibility, emotional and impulsive.

Mansfield Park:
At the age of ten, Frances Banny Price is sent to live with her uncle and suncan Northamptonshine where she is treated distantly by everyone buthen cousin Edmund.

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