Natasha May Poppy Love 10 Books Set Collection, Star Turn, Steps Out,Tango Queen

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AUTHOR: Natasha May

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Natasha May Poppy Love 10 Books Set Collection, Star Turn, Steps Out,Tango Queen

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TItles In This Set :

Steps Out
Poppy Love loves to dance! She and her dance partner, Zack, study with Sarah Johnson at the Blue Horizon Dance School in Brighton and are about to enter the South East Juvenile Ballroom Dancing Competition. In this first book of the series they cha-cha-cha, jive, waltz, tango and quickstep, as well as dance the samba at the Southern Counties Festival of Dance. Four action-packed stories filled with dance, music, make-up and dresses - something for every young dancer!

Faces The Music
Poppy Love, her dance partner, Zack, and Zack's cousin, Anna, attend a tea dance and dance the waltz for everyone; Poppy turns her brother's birthday party into a real surprise when she and her friends provide the entertainment; Zack loses heart with his dancing - will Poppy lose her partner? Four stories that sparkle in this shining new series about dance.

Rock 'n' Roll
Poppy Love lives with her family in Brighton and is an aspiring ballroom dancer. In the third book of this series, Poppy and her dance partner, Zack, learn to do the rock 'n' roll with a little help from grandad; they take their three-dance medal test; Poppy and her dad cha-cha-cha at a new local restaurant; and a new boy joins Poppy's dancing class. Four stories that sparkle in this shining new dance series.

Star Turn
Poppy Love lives in Brighton with her family and is an aspiring ballroom dancer. Poppy and the other children at the Blue Horizon Dance Studio put on a performance for the residents at Great Oaks - and learn how the foxtrot is really done! The competition class is doing a medal test - will Poppy and Zack shine in the foxtrot, the rumba and the salsa? Poppy is the best bridesmaid ever at her Aunt Jill's wedding - she even gets everyone to dance the bossa nova! Three further stories that sparkle in this shining new dance series.

In The Spotlight
Four further stories in this wonderful ballroom dancing series starring Poppy Love. Poppy and her friends practise for their Nationwide Finals by playing a dancing game at Auntie Jill and Uncle Simon's house-warming party; Poppy turns choreographer for the school pantomime of Cinderella and has to deal with two very difficult ugly sisters! In the third story, Poppy is upset to learn that her Christmas show is on the same night as her brother's carol service and in the fourth, Poppy becomes ill the day before the big Christmas show will she be well enough to dance?

Tango Queen
Four more stories about Poppy Love, aspiring ballroom dancer. Poppy meets a real tango queen – and turns out to be one herself! Poppy joins her friend Mia in celebrating Chinese New Year and Poppy's dream finally comes true when she gets a real dog, Lucky, at last. Poppy and Zack enter a dance competition in Worthing. If they don't place first, can they still win?

Goes For Gold
In this, the seventh title of the series, Poppy Love, aspiring ballroom dancer, and her friends are busy preparing for the big competition in Blackpool – and everyone is very excited! But Zack, Poppy's partner, trips over Poppy's dog, Lucky, and breaks his wrist. Will he be able to dance in the Nationwide Finals, which are only six weeks away?

All That Jazz
It's the start of summer and though school has broken up, Poppy and Zack are attending summer school. As well as tap dancing and doing the cha-cha-cha, the children learn jazz dance, which is unlike anything Poppy has ever done before. She is so caught up in it all that she nearly forgets her birthday and is in for a big surprise! When Poppy and her family go on holiday to France, Poppy and her brother, Tom, make friends with two children their age, Fabian and Josette. Josette teaches Poppy some new dances and Poppy ends up doing a performance in the town square!

Dancing On Air!
This is the ninth book in this delightful series about Poppy Love, aspiring ballroom dancer, and her partner, Zack Bishop, who live in Brighton and attend the Blue Horizon Dance Studio. When Poppy and Zack, as well as their friends Emma and Steve, get parts in a stage show of Bugsy Malone, it turns out to be only the beginning. The children are also chosen to take part in the West End production and even dance on television. This is the most exciting Poppy Love book yet!

Takes The Floor!
The tenth and final book in this popular series about dancing enthusiast and aspiring ballroom dancer Poppy Love and her partner, Zack. Both children are students of Miss Johnson at the Blue Horizon Dance Studio and have attained awards in many competitions. In Poppy Love Takes the Floor, Poppy and Zack dance in their final London performance of Bugsy Malone and Poppy applies for a place at Burne Hall, the prestigious full-time dance school. More new beginnings are afoot when the Loves move house from Brighton to London and Auntie Jill and Uncle Simon's baby is born. This is a book filled with endings and beginnings – the perfect finale to this delightful dance series!

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