Quest Adventure 12 Books Set Collection by QED

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QED Publishing SKU: LWP10290
ISBN: 9781912013319
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Various Authors

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Make your way through these 12 thrilling interactive adventures! Readers must use their problem-solving and decision-making skills to navigate through science, maths and history adventures to complete their missions.

Questions are carefully chosen to address core subjects for the KS2 age group, and finding the answers enables readers to advance through the story, learning more with every step they take.

Graphic illustrations and puzzles really bring these books to life, and a glossary explains key words and provides added reference.

Titles in this pack:
  • Four Science Quest Books: Lost in Space (Astronomy)
  • The Secret Formula (Chemistry)
  • Fun Fair Fright (Physics)
  • Amazon Adventure (Biology)
  • Four Maths Quest Books: Escape From Hotel Infinity (Numbers)
  • Attack on Circuit City (Statistics)
  • The Island of Tomorrow (Geometry)
  • Lost in the Fourth Dimension (Measurements)
  • Four History Quest Books: Tomb of Terror (Ancient Egyptians)
  • Race Through Rome (The Romans)
  • Medieval Mayhem (The Middle Ages)
  • Minotaurs Maze (Ancient Greece)

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