Set (The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, Being an Ally, Marvel Spider-Man Pocket Guide, Boot It!, Billy's Bravery & More)

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FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Various

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Titles In This Set:
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Being an Ally
Marvel Spider-Man Pocket Guide
Boot It!
Billy's Bravery
The Boy With Wings 
Lifesize Creepy Crawlies
You Choose Your Adventure
A Dragon Realm Adventure
Brilliant Brains
Bedtime for the Burpee Bears
Dave Pigeon (Book Shop Mayhem)

The Strangeworlds Travel Agency:

Strofadia is a land of flight and fantasy, where the people are born with wings and the great floating mountains are seen as the source of fantastic power. There are three floating mountains, with the largest being known as the home of the great Cloud Dragon - keeper of magic and granter of wishes.

Being an Ally:
As an ally you use your power - no matter how big or small - to support others. You learn, and try, and mess up, and try harder. In this collection of true stories, 7 critically acclaimed and bestselling YA authors get real about being an ally, needing an ally, and showing up for friends and strangers.

Marvel Spider-Man Pocket Guide:
Discover everything you ever needed to know about Spider-Man and the Spider-Verse! Is Spider-Man speedier than Spider-Ham? Who has more fighting skill, Venom or Vulture? Pick up this Pocket Guide and you'll have all of these Spidey facts and more at your fingertips.

Boot It!:
Sami and Ali dream of playing for the school football team. They practise in the park every day and work hard on their skills. But acing the trials is the last of the boys' worries when they're made to feel they don't belong on the team because of the colour of their skin.

Billy's Bravery:
Billy absolutely LOVES Nature Girl. She's his favourite superhero EVER! He has read all the books, seen all the cartoons, and he's even got his own Nature Girl costume! So when World Book Day comes round, Billy knows exactly who he wants to dress up as.

Lifesize Creepy Crawlies:
This interactive non-fiction adventure features LIFESIZE illustrations of some of the smallest and largest creepy crawlies in the world and invites children to think about how they compare with these amazing creatures.

A Dragon Realm Adventure:
Twelve-year-old Billy Chan and his friends each share a bond with a dragon. When new dragons fall from the sky into the Human Realm, the group join forces to reunite them with their lost egg.

Attack of the Rampaging Robot:
Tunde Wilkinson is an ordinary kid. He has awesome friends, sometimes embarrassing parents and needs to be careful his wings don't get in the way on the football pitch

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