St Clares 9 Books Collection Set Pack By Enid Blyton Inc Sixth Form, Summer Term

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FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Enid Blyton

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Titles in this set:
The Twins At St Clare's
The O' Sullivan Twins
Summer Term At St Clare's
Second From At St Clare's
The Third From At St Clare's
Kittty At St Clare's
Claudin At St Clare's
Fifth Formers At St Clare's
The Sixth From At St Clare's

The Twins at St Clare's

The first of these famous school stories, the O'Sullivan twins, Pat and Isabel, find life at St Clare's is not at all as easy as at their old school, they plan to give everyone at their new school, St Clare's, a few surprises. But it is them who faced several shocks and arguments before they realize the difficulties are of their own making, and settle down and make friends.

The O' Sullivan Twins

Pat and Isabel taking their cousin Alison, a silly air headed little thing, off to school with them. Alison learns some good lessons that unfortunately don't really stick for the rest of the series. The new girls prove to be a source of much amusement, and there is all the fun of boarding-school life as well.

Summer Term at St Clares

Pat and Isabel are disappointed when they have to miss the first week of the new term. But they soon settle down again, and the summer term brings all sorts of excitement and several new girls, some of whom are less popular than others.

Second Form at St Clare's

The first term of the second form turns out to be an eventful one, with new girls Gladys and Mirabel revealing unsuspected talents for acting and music, while Elsie, the form's unpopular Head Girl, learns to be less spiteful.

Claudine at St Clare's

Continuing the popular series, St Clare's boarding-school has some interesting newcomers. Claudine, a French girl, causes great excitement by doing and saying exactly what she likes, and Eileen's mother is the new Matron.

Fifth Formers at St Clare's

The St. Clare's girls are now in the fifth form, shortly to go up into the sixth, but they are not too old for tricks and escapades, jokes and excitement. Especially amusing is French girl Antoinette who, like her sister Claudine, doesn't always understand the ways of St. Clare's.

The Third Form at St Clare's

The holidays are over and twins Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan are dying to get back to school. The big question on everybody's lips is who will be head girl? There are plenty of candidates to choose from...A terrible accident shows the true leaders and reveals the cheats and cowards too.

Kitty at St Clare's

Kitty Flaherty is joining St Clare's, along with McGinty the goat! The girls know that this term is going to be full of fun. But it's also full of upset. Pat misses the first few weeks, thanks to a broken arm, and another new girl, Amanda, seizes the opportunity to become Isabel's new best friend. Will the twins overcome this rift?

The Sixth Form at St Clare's

The O'Sullivan twins are head girls! There are two cheeky first formers - more twins! - And a sulky new girl in the sixth form, Morag. Morag detests St Clare's. She's only happy when she can escape to the local riding stables. The twins are sad it's their last year at St Clare's. Before they leave, will they find out what's wrong with Morag?

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