Stacy Gregg Pony Club Secrets Series 1-6 Books Collection Set

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ISBN: 9789123815296
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Stacy Gregg

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Mystic and the Midnight Ride:
Issie loves horses more than anything! And she especially loves her pony Mystic at Chevalier Point Pony Club. So when the unthinkable happens, Issie is devastated.Then her instructor asks her to care for Blaze, an abandoned pony, and Issie’s riding skills are really put to the test.

Blaze and the Dark Rider:
Issie is riding for Chevalier Point Pony Club at the Interclub Gold Shield – the biggest competition of the year.Training is going well and Issie and friends are on course for glory when disaster strikes.

Destiny and the Wild Horses:
Issie and her horse, Blaze, are spending summer in the countryside instead of at pony club. But Issie doesn’t mind because she’ll be training horses for the movies! At her aunt’s farm, Issie hears of plans to cull a group of wild ponies.

Stardust and the Daredevil Ponies:
Issie has landed her dream job – handling horses on a real film set! And with a group of frisky palominos to deal with, Issie asks her friends at pony club to help out deal with, Issie asks her friends at pony club to help out too.

Comet and the Champion's Cup:
When Aunty Hess opens a riding school for the summer, Issie and her pony-club friends go along to help out. Issie gets to know Comet, a naughty but talented pony with real showjumping promise.

Storm and the Silver Bridle:
With gymkhanas to win, rivals to defeat, mysteries to solve and ponies in danger to save - these books are perfect for all girls who love ponies. At the Chevalier Point Pony Club Issie is spending all her time with Blaze's young clt Nightstorm.



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